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Press - May 13, 2010
Press - May 13, 2010

Albatross, a leader in the Image Industry, partnering with CDI, plan a launch of a new website for selling archeology content at the upcoming CEPIC show this June in Ireland.


May 13, 2010, JERUSALEM IL

Albatross , Israel's leader in providing aerial and historical photographs and video images, has announced the creation of a new commercial website, TerraFoto. 

Albatross has partnered with CDI to create a new online web store offering high resolution photos and text portraying famous archeological sights throughout the Middle East and Southeast Europe. Albatross, known as an industry leader in the image/video market, sees the new site as a wonderful resource for academic institutions and students of history worldwide.

The site's launch is timed for the opening of this year's CEPIC show in Dublin, Ireland the first week of June. CEPIC is considered the hub of activity for the Photo Industry. Even prior to the show, CDI/Albatross have already booked over twenty meetings with some of the world's largest image providers anxious to see the new site and its content.

CDI will also utilize the time at the show to introduce its NetIS platform for the Photo Industry. The new website, http://www.terra-foto.com/ will exhibit to image content providers the advantages of NetIS technology for assisting them in the safe and easy sale of content over the Internet.

"NetIS e-publishing platform, already a proven success in the generic publishing world, will be widely welcomed in the Photo Content world as well," said Duby Tal, Albatross' CEO. "NetIS was chosen due to its protection capabilities, versatility and flexibility which allowed the application to be built to specific design requirements under a tight timeline. Also, the ease of use of the system ensures that non-technical users are able to manage the content on their site with minimal training."

"We are very pleased to have Albatross as a NetIS implementation partner ." said Itzhak Levit, CEO of CDI Systems. "Deployment of NetIS in the arena of online Photo Content is another evidence of NetIS diversity and its ability to agilely provide a solution to the various needs of our customers from different industries."

About Albatross

Albatross was founded in 1988 by two former IAF pilots who decided to combine their two passions - flight and photography.

Duby Tal, a noted and awarded photographer acts as Albatross's CEO and Chief Photographer.

Moni Haramati, an experienced pilot with thousands of photography flight hours, acts as Albatross's COO and chief pilot.

Today, Albatross is one of Israel's leading companies in the field of visual communications and aerial photography with the largest and most varied stock of aerial and ground photographs. The company also publishes books and produces both documentary films for TV and corporate video movies - all characterized by high levels of creativity and quality.

Albatross's rich image and footage archive is one the largest collection of its kind of aerial and ground photographed material of Israel and other parts of the world. The image archive includes more then 500,000 images in all formats, and the footage archive includes more than 3000 hours of BETA, DV and HD footage from the air and from the ground.

You are kindly invited to visit Albatross website: www.albatross.co.il

The creativity and quality of artistic photography at Albatross is first-rate by international standards. Duby Tal, General Director and chief photographer, is renowned as one of the best aerial photographers worldwide. He has held over twenty solo photography exhibitions in esteemed galleries and museums around the world.

About CDI Systems and NetIS™ e-Publishing Platform

CDI Systems, is a private high-tech company founded in 1992 and headquartered in Jerusalem, Israel.

Focused on the development of a unique and innovative online publishing platform - NetIS™, the company has successfully deployed scores of solutions for the Internet, Intranet, Mobile Internet, DVD/CD-ROMs and Handheld devices.

To mention a few: Hoover's Mobile providing iPhone™, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile users with business information and tools that fit into their day-to-day work schedules on the go; the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & Healthcare(EDQM), D&B TSR Japanese Mobile Web application enabling access to over 4 million Japanese companies, the prestigious Responsa Project (awarded Israel Prize 2007), HRD Press - a US provider of HR and training resources, content and solutions; Takdin, Israel's premier legal databases; Dun & Bradstreet's Israel Business Directory; IDC Israel pay per view site; The Bibliography of the Hebrew Book - a comprehensive interactive bibliography of all books printed in the Hebrew Language between 1473 and 1960; The Israeli Electorate Registry; The Israeli General Encyclopedia and the Globes daily newspaper archive.

For more information: www.cdisys.com


Gedaliah Gurfein, COO
CDI Systems

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