NetIS, Your Perfect Fit

Whether you are a traditional book publisher, a provider of legal, patents, standards, medical, market research or business information, NetIS is your best solution.

Total Control over your Online Business

Take full control with NetIS’ back office. Manage everything including content, prices, customers, usage rights and more.  Sell your products in a myriad of sales scenarios, such as, “Pay per view”, Time based, Volume, Counter-Based and functionality.

Best Breed of Protection

Sell digital content without fear of unauthorized redistribution. Lock the usage of the content on specific devices or for online reading only.

Super Ratings on the web

A proprietary embedded SEO set of algorithms pull extremely high ranking on giant search engines such as Google and Baidu.

NetIS™ Dashboard

Get in-depth reports including: up-to-the-minute information regarding the usage and sale of products, real-time monitoring of traffic, GIS information representing the customers’ geographic split, customers’ activities, and their transactions.

This is Why We’re the Best

From publishers to publishers

We have been in the epublishing business for more than 20 years, our team is formed from experienced epublishing professionals. Our first endeavor was establishing “Takdin”, which became within few years Israel’s leading provider of legal content.

We know what's bothering you, we are attentive to what you need

Based on experience accumulated from working with dozens of publishers and content owners, our company is able to offer solutions to support virtually any e-publishing requirement.

We have customers worldwide… we keep the highest standard of service

Our team is committed to providing high standards of customer service and improvements in our technology are reflected in the company development roadmap. We communicate clearly and on time.

We have customers in different fields… we speak “your language”

The move to e-publishing has not been limited to the traditional publishing houses. The digital revolution is impacting every industry that relies upon the written word to convey information.


Happy Clients

The official standards published by the European Pharmacopoeia provide the foundations for the control of medicines during all parts of the creating and selling process.


The Hebrew University publishing house. With NetIS, Magnes Press can sell printed and protected digital books, running everything through one unified interface operation.

Magnes Press

The Online Responsa Project is the world’s largest electronic collection of Torah literature. Encompasses the best of the Jewish sources representing thousand years of heritage and tradition.

The Responsa Project

A UK established consultant in risk analysis of Africa and the Middle East. CBI is constantly observing and analyzing several industries such as energy, finance, defense, and security to see if any problems might arise.