CDI Systems participated in China Wuhan Periodicals Fair in Wuhan International Expo Center as one of the exhibitors In New Media Zone, that hosts companies with new digital publishing technologies and services

2016 is the 350th anniversary of the birth of the world’s periodical and the 200th anniversary of the Chinese periodical. CDI Systems was drawn up to grasp this historical opportunity to extend its industrial influence in the Chinese market and present its powerful ecommerce platform for the secure distribution & sales of ebooks & premium content – NetIS.

Mr. Levit CDI Systems Chairman and Chen Le, CDI China CEO, attended the International Digital Publishing Forum and held several meetings with potential customers and partners that were fascinated with the company technology.

About Wuhan Periodicals Fair

As China’s only national, international, comprehensive journals Trade Fair —- China (Wuhan) Journal Trade Fair, it has been held in each country which focused on exhibition and sales on journals, some overseas journals and books, newspapers, new media and related cultural products, presenting the latest innovations periodical media development concepts and trends. Wuhan Journal Trade Fair is considered one of the best platforms for newspapers and publishing professionals to hold exhibitions and sales and looking for business opportunities.