CDI Systems and Netivei Ha-Halacha Research Institute sign an agreement for the development of The Holocaust Responsa Project

JERUSALEM- February 25th 2017

The Holocaust Responsa Project aims to make available online a unique database that perpetuates the momentous challenges and ethical-religious dilemmas faced by Jews in the shadow of looming destruction.

After years of intensive research, The Institute assembled priceless correspondence between Jewish people during the holocaust from thousands of scattered books and periodicals. “May I save myself by assuming the identity of a Catholic?” or “is it permissible to flee from a concentration camp, knowing that the remaining prisoners will suffer reprisals?” These are mere examples of the wrenching issues that plagued those caught in the throes of the Holocaust and included in the project.

The Head of Netivei Ha-Halacha Institute Rabi Itzhak Gutman said: “In an age of increasing Holocaust-denial, the preservation of this heritage is our generation’s imperative. We will continue locating rabbinic Responsa penned during the Holocaust and its aftermath and expose this inconceivable information to the public, based on CDI Systems’ proven experience in similar projects”.

CDI Systems’ CEO Mr. Itzhak Levit said: “The educational and historical importance of this project was recognized by the Culture Department of the Education and Science Ministries and the Claims Committee. We are proud that Netivei Ha-Halacha Research Institute selected our company to lead this important project, following our rich experience in developing The Bar Ilan Responsa Project”.

The project is expected to be released in the course of 2017.


About Netivei Ha-Halacha Institute

Netivei Ha-Halacha Institute is a Jewish studies (Torah) research Institute operating in Gush Etzion for the past 20 years. The Institute has undertaken to rescue the multitude of Holocaust Halachic Responsa from oblivion, making them available to the scholarly world and to the general public. Written under the excruciating duress of the Holocaust, these Responsa preserve for posterity the ways in which religious leaders and laymen grappled with their intense ethical, legal and human dilemmas during the Holocaust.


About CDI Systems

CDI Systems is a private high-tech company founded in 1992, headquartered in Jerusalem, Israel. CDI focuses on the development of a unique and innovative e-publishing platform – NetIS™, which has been successfully deployed in scores of solutions for the Internet, Intranet, Mobile devices & tables.

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