CDI Systems and Or Hasulam Foundation sign an agreement for to create an online version of the unpublished writings of the famous Kabbalist "Baal Hasulam".

JERUSALEM – March 1st 2017

Over the years, many Kabbalistic ideas were diluted and served to the masses through the pop-culture type of teaching, being less than the tip of an iceberg, often presenting a distorted image of Kabbalah and its teachings. Kabbalah can become understandable only after a thorough study of Judaism and basic texts (such as Torah, Mishna, Talmud and Halacha), which can take many years. Every Kabbalistic idea needs to be shot through the prism of these writings in other to be understood and eventually, applied in everyday life.

The main goal of this project is to create a reliable platform with a wide spectrum of digital resources so that anyone, regardless of his background, can get acquainted with genuine Kabbalah, study and deepen his knowledge of the Baal Hasulam’s teachings.

Through this unique project, the wisdom that for centuries was just the purview of the selected few, will be available online and include the endless writing of Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag, who dedicated his life to understanding the secrets for Kabbalah.

CDI Systems’ CEO Mr. Itzhak Levit said: “we are very glad to be involved in this magnificent project, which lighten the Kabbalah studies in its right spectrum. Utilizing our company technology will allow knowledge, which for centuries was “hidden”, to become more accessible to those who appreciate Jewish wisdom”.

The project is expected to be released in the course of 2017. 


About Or Hasulam Foundation

Established in 2010, Or Hasulam Foundation Ashlag is a non-profit organization based in Israel with the goal  to collect and organize all the teaching of Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag, Baal Hasulam, and publish them in a more coherent and approachable form.  The foundation has grown over the past few years, making progress in deciphering the manuscripts, compiling the Rabbi’s work and publishing it both in a form of books as well as online.