CDI Systems releases a new website at the International Book Fair in Jerusalem selling printed, digital and POD books – BOOKEBOOK

June 15, 2017, Jerusalem, Israel


CDI Systems released Bookebook at the International Book Fair that took place in Jerusalem from June 11th till June 15th. Bookebook is a new website selling printed, digital and POD (print on demand) books, catering for the needs of readers, publishers and writers.

The website is an excellent alternative to the current duopoly in this field and the result of a fruitful collaboration between CDI Systems and Ophir Bikurim, a publishing house offering a wide range of publishing services including POD.

BOOKEBOOK empowers publishers and authors and finally give them what they have been longing for: transparency regarding their sales. Instead of waiting months to receive sales reports from their distributors, now at the click of a button, they can receive real-time information and generate multi-dimensional reports (purchases, usage, product expiration, sales by period (years, months) etc. In addition, the publisher / author can upload the books himself through a simple and intuitive interface that does not require technical knowledge.

The digital books are available either online or through a native application for tablets / mobile devices. Previews are available for each book allowing customers to get a sense of the book before finalizing the purchasing process (publishers and authors can set the preview pages randomly instead of selecting only the first chapter).

CDI Systems CEO Itzhak Levit ““One of the main “inhibiting factors” in the transition to the digital world is the justified fear of uncontrolled distribution and the illegal transfer of books among users. CDI Systems, which is considered a pioneer in the field of content protection and e-publishing, implemented its proven DRM technology in the website and I am sure this will have a positive impact on publishers’ decision to go online.”

Udi Ohana, CEO of Ophir Bikurim further added: “Twelve years of publishing activity have given Ophir Bikurim a prominent position in the field of literature and culture in Israel. We are a leading and creative player in the publishing industry and we are proud to join forces with CDI Systems. I am confident that the combination of CDI Systems’ innovative technology together with Ophir Bikurim’s professionalism and experience will pave the way to Israel’s publishing industry growth and boost publishers’ sales.”