Ronen Publishing, the leading Israeli publishing house on taxation and related topics announced the release of

The new application based around online tax information, is powered by CDI Systems’ NetIS ecommerce platform.

Ronen Publishing has immense experience in publishing tax information, books and magazines with an emphasis on punctual editing and top-quality materials. This notable trait has positioned the publishing house as the best brand in the field and spurred the development of a unique reputation among accountants, lawyers, tax advisors and economists.

The new website provides access to a huge repository that includes tax books written by well-known experts in the field, case law, legislation, law interpretation, taxation decisions published by the tax authorities and international tax treaties. Taxes-online brings fundamental in-depth overview on issues of the tax law, the information is constantly updated, thus customers benefit not only from the best breed of tax information, but also from up-to-date intelligence.

Taxes-online is another successful implementation of the NetIS ecommerce platform that focuses on efficiently protecting and selling premium content.