CDI Systems Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and The Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission (CHP) signed a Strategic Memorandum of Understanding.

JERUSALEM – July 23th 2017

The agreement between the parties sets the foundations of a solid cooperation framework for different projects. Its general goal is to transform CHP’s traditional publishing activities into digital, enhancing, improving and making CHP’s digital services more efficient for the sake of related pharmaceutical enterprises, institutions, hospitals and end users.

One of the main triggers for this cooperation is that CDI has accumulated more than 10 years of specific experience in the pharma field by working with EDQM – The European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & European Pharmacopoeia in various projects, enabling CHP to benefit from CDI unique experience in the field.

The first project in place is related to the development of a digital platform for distributing bilingual pharmacopoeia content targeting overseas markets.

CDI Systems’ CEO Mr. Itzhak Levit said: “We are very glad to sign this strategic project. The endorsement and approval process of the cooperation between the two entities on behalf of China Food and Drug Administration, as well as from Israel’s official and relevant entity was long and required a great deal of attention, but at the end, the efforts crowned successfully. I am confident that both CHP and CDI will benefit from this long term strategic cooperation”.

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CHP Secretary General Mr. Zhang Wei & CDI Systems’ Chairman signing the agreement