NetIS for Publishers

NetIS turns “Digits” into Dollars” by breaking the subscription cycle and allowing a myriad of sales models including “Pay per view”, time based, volume, functionality and many more…

NetIS allows to build sales models that fit the publishers’ audience, combining content, rights, users and groups in any and every manner that works for him.

Using a proprietary algorithm, NetlS’ SEO provides robust SEO capabilities, raising the content’s position to the top rankings in search engines.

Using a proprietary algorithm, publishers can allow users to access content without fear of it being redistributed without permission, over the internet, on tablets, desktops, and mobile devices.

NetIS back office puts all the controls at the publishers fingertips. NetIS offers in-depth reporting that allows viewing everything, down to the final details everything, of who your customers are, who is buying what, in what format, at what costs, and from what market.