Itzhak Levit  |  Chairman & CEO

Itzhak Levit is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of CDI Systems. He brings over 23 years of experience in business development, sales management, and technology development. As CEO, he is responsible for corporate strategy, deeply involved in building long-term relationships with clients and partners and overseeing day-to-day operations. From 1992 up to 2000, Itzhak served as CEO of LSS, a Jerusalem-based company that develops integrative multimedia applications and multimedia software development tools.

A native of Jerusalem Israel, Mr. Levit holds a B.Sc. with honours in Computer Science from the Jerusalem College of Technology.

Mr. Levit is on the Board of Directors of the software and communications department of the Israel Export Institute’s High Technology Division. He is a Colonel (ret.) in the Israel Defense Forces, and served in one of the IDF’s elite units.

Rachel Kanat | Business Development Manager, Europe Rachel brings on board a unique combination of business development experience and marketing expertise. In addition to her roles at prestigious business firms, she has been a key player in developing and marketing strategies for various high tech companies looking to enter the Western European marketplace. Rachel received her MA in Economics from Brussels University, Belgium.

Boris Gutman | Senior Developer – DRM Team Leader

Joining CDI Systems in 1998, Boris is today the longest standing member of the team. Having worked on NetIS technology since its inception, and personally developed core parts of it, he’s an undisputed NetIS expert.

Boris holds a M.Sc. in Computer Science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.