NetIS for Academic Content & Professional Databases

NetIS for Academic Content & Professional Databases is the outcome of countless implementations in different type of professional databases (academic, market research, legal information, standards, business Information, archives, to mention a few).

NetIS presents a full end-to-end enterprise platform that integrates e-commerce, DRM (Digital Rights Management), WCM (Web Content Management), information retrieval, and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in order to create a single, seamless environment for the secure distribution and sale of premium content.

Among others:

  • NetIS dynamic full-text search and retrieval engine provides users with an easy search, retrieval, and navigation experience. In addition to standard full-text search features, the engine supports fields, wordlists, Boolean, wildcards, morphology, and proximity. Also supports Unicode, left to right, right to left, and Eastern Asian languages.
  • NetIS creates a highly ranked environment by providing robust SEO capabilities, significantly increasing the ranking of the content in popular search engines, while still maintaining its protection.
  • On top of different authentication methods which include: user name and password, IP address or IP ranges, authentication of guest users for users not logged in or unregistered, and locking the usage of the content on specific devices, NetIS also ensures that you will be able to track the amount of “real users” and thus prevent excess usage and loss of income.
  • NetIS includes potent auditing and reporting tools supply information regarding the sale of your content, customers’ activities, and transactions.
  • NetIS has high availability, scalability, and performance with cluster support and load balancing permits an enormous collection of content and massive traffic needs.
  • NetIS applications design is responsive and allow to display content consistently across mobile devices.
  • NetIS is a proven solution that can boost online sales and improve your customers engagement.