NetIS for Mechanical Industry

How does DEEP suit your needs?

When we developed DEEP we had in mind a “White Label” fully functional platform for the manufacturing industry that enables you to become a real player in the digital world and make profit with your own brand.

DEEP includes all the tools you need for uploading, managing, protecting, displaying and selling your digital assets from a central point. Furthermore, through its powerful back office, you will be able to monitor the content, set specific usage rights, collect website events, set subscription models for universities, factories, etc. based on several authentication methods.
DEEP engine operates on CDI’s NetIS™ platform ( already serving global giants around the world.

How can DEEP help engineers?

The key to being competitive engineers and building high quality expertise is beyond having access to up-to date data. Engineers working on mechanical, aeronautical or transportation industries can explore the “White Label” website and increase the quality of their work by incorporating validated information directly into their workflows, thus saving time and avoiding costly mistakes. DEEP can assist the design processes by providing access to relevant information for research and work purpose, as well as re-check assumptions and specifications of new project plans.

How does DEEP display the content?

DEEP is designed to present different areas of content. These areas can be customized according to your specific requirements and your content type:

  1. 2D or 3D representation for content based on AutoCAD, ANVIL ,CATIA, ProE, SOLIDWORKS formats
  2. eBooks for content based on PDF, Epub or HTML5 formats
  3. Flat content or tables that have been especially created and combined for the purpose of gathering information on a specific topic.
    How are 3D models displayed in the website?

    The first option is 2D, a flat and precise representation of the model. The second option is 3D, where users can view a 3 dimension representation of the model and last but not least, the 3D+ option. In this last one, users can move the model around and check it in depth by turning and zooming in.

    How are EBooks presented in the website?

    EBooks are presented in PDF or ePUB format and include features like search, annotation, bookmark, high quality zoom, text highlighting and thumbnail display for easy browsing.