NetIS reader

The NetIS Reader is a native application that was developed to enable readers to access content on tablets, desktop computers and mobile devices. The NetIS Reader has many distinctive, stalwart functions that both the publishers and the readers will enjoy.

  • Unique Design: NetIS Reader can be re-branded and thus allow publishers to reinforce their own brand (logo, colors and styles).
  • Simple and Friendly Interface: Readers will find that the NetIS Reader Interface is intuitive, easy to use and incorporates many convenient features including, amongst others:
    • Managing a personal library
    • Adding notes, bookmarks, and highlights
    • Keep reading where you left off
    • Search capabilities
    • Zooming functions that allow a reader to magnify the pages
    • User-friendly options for the style and layout make personalizing one’s reading experience easy with differing choices for a multitude of preferences including background color, word color, and text size.
  • Cross-Platform Readability: The NetIS Reader can be used on a variety of devices including tablets, computers, and smartphones.
  • Online-Offline Correspondence: The NetIS Reader enables painless, easy communication between online and offline reading with:
    • Ability to bring the online books onto personal mobile devices for easy offline reading.
    • Synchronizing notes, bookmarks and highlights and last reading between devices which ensure that any comments made offline are added to the online library and vice-versa.
    • The capacity to alternate back and forth between viewing which books are online and which are downloaded on the device in operation.
  • Security: The NetIS Reader has potent security capabilities. Using a proprietary algorithm, publishers can allow users to access their content without fear of it being redistributed without permission.