Liantou (Anhui) Investment Holdings Co. Ltd and CDI Systems Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. signed a JV agreement.


JERUSALEM – August 1st 2017

Based in Hefei, Anhui Province, Liantou is engaged, among others, in the development of the largest book mall in Asia, which will become the new culture activities center in Anhui Province. The mall will be under the management of the Shenzhen Publication & Distribution Group which is a large culture industry group with a core business in media publishing.

CDI and Liantou have obtained the required authorization from the relevant, responsible departments of the People’s Republic of China to enable this Joint Venture cooperation within mainland China.

The primary aim of this JV is to develop a platform for distributing cultural and educational digital content that relies on CDI’s technology and Liantou’s strong presence in the publishing industry.

Liantou will contribute its financial capabilities and publishing background to the joint venture, while CDI will responsible for all its technology aspects.

CDI Systems’ CEO Mr. Itzhak Levit said: “This agreement is one of the most important achievements of the company this year. Adhering to the principles of equality, mutual benefit and friendly negotiations, we agreed to jointly enter into this JV, which I am confident will be a prosperous one”.

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Liantou (Anhui) Investment Holdings Co. Mr. Du, & CDI Systems’ Chairman signing the agreement